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Updates on Nest Protect and pending Scottish legislation changes

Hey everyone, I appreciate everyone’s patience as they’ve shared their feedback and questions regarding the pending Scottish legislation changes. We’re aware of the proposed legislation changes to the fire and smoke alarm standard in Scotland requiri...

RachelC by Googler
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Okay so someone had access to my phone and somehow put me on a family link or home link that gives them access to my phone can I get this off because they have re coded certain sites or blocked me from being able to access certain links or we...

Nest protect won't setup

Hello I have three nest protects - the first two have connected easily with no problems. The third simply will not.The error code says P017 (0.65).As the first two connected fine I don't think it's my wifi. Could there be something wrong with it? Unl...

smcgrego by Community Member
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Nest Protect purchase black in color

I'm looking to purchase 7 wired nest protect smoke / co alarms black in color for my dark wood ceilings. Where can I purchase black devices in the USA. I have searched all over and can only buy white.

Can you cast audio to Nest Protect?

I'd love for this device to also be a smart speaker. Even if i cant ask it to do anything. it would be really cool to put in a speaker group and have this also be a cheap whole home audio two for one device.

Nest Protect USB is not for charging, right?

Hi there,Someone (points to spouse) tried to charge the Next Protect via the USB micro port. One, I don't think it has a rechargeable battery and just runs off 8 AAs, right? Two, will this mess up the Nest Protect? Thanks

Beaker by Community Member
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Issues adding nest protect wired to existing set up

Hi, I have 3 nest protect g2 battery working well at my house. I added a wired version at small guesthouse located about 10 yards away and through 2 walls (wood). WiFi reception at the guesthouse is good and I can watch 4k streams well there, operate...

Guy972 by Community Member
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Communication between multiple smoke alarms

I'm trying to determine how multiple, networked smoke detector units communicate with each other.I live on three floors.If I put a smoke detector in the basement and also have one in my third floor bedroom - connected via wifi using the app - will th...