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Nest wifi pro slow speeds

I've had the Nest Wifi Pro for a few months. With Xfinity I pay for 1.2Gb download speeds and testing at the modem get 1+GB, but the best the Nest wifi pro router gets is between 500- 700mb from the built in speed test. Why is it so slow? I've toggle...

RobHughes by Community Member
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Synology NAS VPN server behind google router

I have a new synology NAS DS220+ server on google wifi. The google wifi router is directly connected to a xfinity -compatible cable modem (Arris S33). I have enabled synology's openvpn server on the NAS. Using an openvpn client on android phone with ...

rford by Community Member
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Nest problem

Hi,Hope someone can help me. I previously used Google Wifi at home with no problems. I set up a mesh with a router and two points and everything worked fine.A few weeks ago, I changed to Nest Wifi Pro and set it up without a problem. I then purchased...

MickOT by Community Member
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Cant cast to TV

I had Verizon cable--I don't have a smart TV so I'm using a firestick (no remote) to cast apps ie Netflix, Hulu etc to my TV using HDMI4 to cast apps, and then watching regular cable would switch using my tv remote input botton to switch to HDMI2 to ...

ezelaya by Community Member
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Wi-Fi Google

We cannot find google Wi-Fi to sign in on anywhere, any suggestions SSiD

Can we get a "Nerd" mode?

I've been working on a few things with my nest app, and it's too anemic. The entire reason I began using google products was the lack of the patronizing workflow. I use android because I can install a terminal emulator, ping an ip address, do a trace...

Nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and doesn’t come back

Hello, I’m a user of Google Nest products for the last 5 years or so and I have encountered a very annoying problem. 4 months ago I have upgraded my Google nest pucks to the latest generation, bought 3 pucks in total. Installation went smooth and puc...

Iryna by Community Member
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Feature Request: Allow Port forwarding to ALL IPs in the Net

In my network I have Devices with static IPs. Those are not seen in the Google Home App, so I'm unable to setup port forwarding. Please either show all the devices in the network, or allow for port forwarding to arbitrary IPs

hons by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest wifi issues

Hello,Three days ago I had an issue with one of my devices not connecting to the wifi. I have had 2 points for the last 2 years with no issues. I have 2 phones, a laptop, and a TV connected via wifi and a PC hardwired. When the first one stopped conn...

Bantha by Community Member
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