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Goggle nest.

So I hooked my first mesh to my t mobile router it connected fine. However the other 2!wont connect to Wi-Fi. Does each nest require an ether net cord. If so how are they wireless

Jimmijam by Community Member
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Using CPL to backhaul google wifi points 1st gen

Hi I have a Google wifi with 6 points and some are pretty far away. I have some cpl units to pass ethernet through AC power but it looks like it's not working the points keep the weak wireless connection. I feed the cpl with internet via the main goo...

Schirmat by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Nest WiFi Pro keep going offline

Hey @AbigailF I still haven't received the return from support Team!Could you help me?Urso

Urso by Community Member
  • 15 replies
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Issue with home network when ISP fails

So my ISP fiber has a regional outage the past 48hours and that has caused my home network to go offline. I have 1 nest pro router plugged into my isp modem and 5 nodes around the house. Since the fibre dropped so did all connectivity on my home wifi...

MaxwellB by Community Member
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Switching off the internet to all devices

is there a way to turn off the Internet to all devices without creating a schedule? Of course the easiest way is to unplug the router, but can I do it through Google Home?

Rciobanu by Community Member
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Nest wifi offline but working (sort of)

I've been running Nest Wifi in my home for a couple years now and had no issues. Out of nowhere, around Wednesday or Thursday last week, all of the sudden I'm having issues getting Chromecast and Wifi access points to work. Also, google home app show...

Port Forwarding not working

I'm planning to set up a WebDAV server at home so that I can access files from the Internet.I'm currently stuck at port forwarding. Here's what I did:Purchase a static IP service from my ISP [successful]Verify with my ISP they are not blocking any po...

jiaher by Community Member
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Nest WiFi will not allow new connections

Hi, new user here.I've had a Nest WiFi setup for the last year or so which has been more or less working flawlessly. Randomly 2 nights ago, multiple devices started disconnecting from the network and were unable to reconnect. My network topology is: ...

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