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Introducing Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) - The better way to Wi-Fi Read more

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No QR Code and No Setup Code

Needed to factory reset one of my Nest wifi points. There is no QR code or Setup code on the bottom of the device. How can I set it up?

jayjanke by Community Member
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Google mesh connectivity issues

Hi,I have 38 devices connected to my 3 mesh routers, where recently I am seeing intermittent connectivity issues. There is no connectivity issues with the provider and tried with power recycling modem, resetting routers etc.Router Model : NLS-1304-25...

mkiran02 by Community Member
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Some Nest wifi is not response

I have the problem today. Bought 3 WiFi points, 2 of them working property, 1 is not responding. Tried factory reset and it’s not working.When I say 'Hey google' but that Nest wifi has no light, nothing response. Please help me solved this issue.

tjumpol by Community Member
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Country list - Malta not listed

I installed Nest on my phone, when I go to change country, my country is not in the listwhy ?country MALTA. (Europe)

Nest Wifi Router Offline

My nest wifi router is showing offline in the google home app but my wifi is still working. I am unable to connect any wifi points since the network is offline. I've hard reset my network, I've reset my modem and router and all things recommended by ...

Rocinante by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Can I have more than one Nest Wifi Router on the same network

I have a large house with two detached separate structures. Each structure is hard wired with an ethernet cable. Can I place one Nest Wifi Router in my main house with a few Nest Wifi points in some of the rooms in the main house and use a second and...

Nest Wifi-Can only connect 1 out of 2 Access Points

Only 1 of 2 access points will connect. When I try to add says cannot find the device. If I say "Ok Google" ... the device lights up and tells me to add to my Google Home. Have moved it all over my room, have next to it. Unplugged several ti...

coh48 by Community Member
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Hi Bought a Google nest package while in USA wonder if I can use where the outlet voltage 220v instead of the 110v in USA

Kayode by Community Member
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