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WiFi mesh and existing router

Hi all , just set up the best wifi mesh. I have the router connected to my Vodafone broadband router. My question is the Vodafone wifi network still works. Is this correct or should I be switching off the voda wifi on the router somewhere?My Vodafone...

YNS by Community Member
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Google nest router wifi h2d speed drop

I have a h2d model router connected to the cable modem.The speed tested directly from the modem is 500 mbps. This is also the speed reported by the router in the google home up.The speed out from the modem using both the wifi and the wired connection...

tom6663 by Community Member
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Google Wifi not connecting to only one device

Hi - I daisy chained two Google wifi routers. One in the living room connects to the modem and the 2nd in the basement on the other end of the home below my office and 50 ft apart. I have connected the Netgear modem (this is a router/modem combo) to ...

ashdag by Community Member
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Verizon 5g home internet speed issues google wifi

I have recently installed a Verizon 5g and wish to connect it to my google WiFi. I can get it connected but it only runs at 25mbs and the Verizon unit is 300 ( WiFi speed test)I have gone through and done all the NAT, DCHP, DNS, radio disabling and e...

Jdobbs by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi current download and upload usage on web page?

Is there a wb page where I can point my browser and see the current download and upload going through my Google Nest Wifi router?I'd like to point my browser tab to that page and see the usage on my network in real time. Optimally, I would paste a sn...

Nest wifi Router not detected by Google Home App

I am setting up my new Google Nest Wifi RouterBut the Google Home can't find the router.After I select the "Home" it keeps giving me this screen.Screen shot below.Is there any chat room or Twitter support handle please?Need urgent help. Thanks,Gautam...

gautamde by Community Member
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Problem Connecting To Cloud- Initial SetUp

Hi- I have tried everything! Trying to set up Google Mesh Router but get hung up on the app before I’m able to rename my Wi-Fi and establish a password. “Problem connecting to cloud” appears every time after it says “connected”. Was on the phone with...

KJA822 by Community Member
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nest offline!

Things seemed ok but a day later 2 nestnpoints show offline! I don't know why. Effects Netflix and all

DJENest by Community Member
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