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Google Nest WiFi connectivity issues

Around five weeks ago I started experiencing WiFi dropouts on my old Google WiFi system. Thinking my Google WiFi, first gen, was perhaps at the end of its lifespan I went and purchased a brand new Nest router and two points. Unfortunately my issues r...

AnbaOz by Community Member
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How to disconnect/kick a specific device from network / Home app

Hello CommunityI would like to hear out if someone knows how to "kick/disconnect" a specific device from the wifi network?I know the option of pause but what if i want to kick someone off the network completely? Isn't there any "disconnect device fro...

farazijaz by Community Member
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Google Pods disconnect constantly

I have wifi through xfinity and I am using 4 Google pods to boost it and push it through the house. About 5 or 6 times a day I get a notification saying that one of my pods has disconnected and there is no wifi in the house at the time. Before I conn...

jrkirkham by Community Member
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Resolved! Port range forwarding not working Part 2

Hi Jeff,I do appreciate the fact that someone is reading these posts. In the prior post, I pointed out that port range forwarding is not working.This is backed up by a Reddit thread:

camfool by Community Member
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Resolved! Any benefit to adding a Nest Wifi router to existing Google Wifi setup?

Hi there, I currently have 4 Google Wifi (1st gen I guess?) units, in which two of the remotes are on wired backhaul, and one is mesh. My house is about 2600sf but I'm picky about good wifi, and we have a lot of devices. My home internet connection i...

acruise by Community Member
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Not using all bandwidth

We have upgraded our bandwidth to 600 MPs down / 30 Mbps upWe're still seeing only up to 248 MPs down and 15 MPs up.What might be causing this disparity? — Michael

I can't connect a Google Wifi point after factory reset

Using Google Home for setup, I have the router working and one point. When trying to setup the second point, everything stops when trying to connect to the point through wifi. I keep getting the message, "Connection Failed. Couldn't connect to the de...

Mackenzo by Community Member
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Nest WIFI router is limiting download speed

This is a known issue and we have a main thread on this. Please feel free to continue conversation over in the other thread and we'll keep that thread updated as we know more.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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Resolved! Nest and Video-conferencing

I recently installed a three-node Nest pack to replace a wifi extender. I made sure I checked the box to prioritise video-conferencing, but the connection is worse than before Nest.I am repeated getting warnings of unstable internet connection even t...

Google WiFi Points and Huawei B818 4G modem/Router

I live in a rural area in England and will probably never see Fibre put anywhere near me.So I'm currently using a Huawei B818 4G modem/router whilst living in temporary accommodation as we build a new house. It works reasonably well and I anticipate ...

allancoblu by Community Member
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