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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Flood light app not showing in home app

I purchased two google floodlights.The first day I was able to see a flood light and camera control for both cameras within the app.The next day one of the floodlights within the app was “not responding”. I even removed it from the phone to re-add it...

SJyun by Community Member
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Google nest doorbel

Hello, a week after i bought a other phone i noticed that the doorbel was not in the app anymore when i try to install it again it says that it belongs to another account, what can i do??

Bert3 by Community Member
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Doorbell Events not being notified

If my doorbell detects an event (eg a person who doesn't ring the bell) I get an event notification on my phone and tablet, but not on my Google Nest Hub. I have checked that notifications are turned on for both my Doorbell and Nest Hub. Any suggesti...

nest aware

first was the NEST doorbell camera and i have a subscription for Nest Aware. I just purchased the Nest cam (battery), connected to the network, but I don't see it on the Nest app. The only way to check it is on the Google home ? app.Now... I'm not su...

Dandrzej by Community Member
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Can I mount my nest camera with floodlights on a wall, exposed to the rain?

Nest hello not ringing my phone

Hey folks. Because this issue is tied to a greater issue that is still being looked into, I have merged this thread with a mega-thread on the issue. Best regards, Brad.

Brad by Community Specialist
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Camera security

The person who set up our drop Cams longer owns this house. How can I add them to my account and be assured that he no longer has access to them?

NRTX by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Downloading update 0%

Hello,I have purchased a new Nest battery doorbell. When I try to set it up, it gets to the downloading update phase and does not proceed.I have tried restarting and resetting to factory, no dice.Do I need to return it?

crabhuman by Community Member
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