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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Indoor IQ camera

My IQ camera went offline and would not connect to Wi-Fi. I removed camera and tried to add and got error message. I tried to reset and still no success.

Google nest doorbell

Been trying to get a fix from Google since 2020. I have the Samsung watch 4 and still no screen shot of the doorbell comes through. I'm not getting into sw bla bla bla. Running Android for years have had multiple phones and watches since and no go. C...

Cujoe31 by Community Member
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Outdoor Camera Range

What is the range of the nest outdoor camera? For example, can it view an area up to 30ft by 30ft? I'm trying to figure out how many cameras I need for my patio. Thanks!

Add family member to nest app

I have invited my wife to join my family and she has. Now what do I do so she can access the nest doorbell camera.

melo by Community Member
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Nest doorbell not charging

Bought the nest and installation went smooth. Have about 12% left so wanted to charge it, took it off using the tool and plugged it in using the same cord and nothing is happening. Tried searching but can’t find anything. Why isn’t this charging?! Pl...

Cfblanco by Community Member
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Nest Aware with multiple cameras question

Hi -- I currently have a Nest Doorbell with a Nest Aware subscription with 5 day video history ($60/year). If I was to buy one of the new battery indoor/outdoor cameras, do I need a second subscription? If I bought two cameras, do I need three separa...

BrianPerr by Community Member
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Camera going off

After replacing my doorbell chime, after original one burned out, my camera keeps going off for hours until I switch i t back on. I have no power or wifi issues. Getting ready to dump Nest.