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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Camera Support in 2024

Hi. Im in the UK and have 2 Nest Cam IQ outdoor cameras, and have subscribed Nest Aware for the best part of 2 years. I am really confused and concerned about the news of Google ending support for certain camera types and Nest Secure but I am not sur...

moley0 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Google Doorbell (wired - 1st Gen)

My Nest Hello doorbell is starting to go offline when someone presses the door chime button, it's also not reliably ringing my door chime indoors when the button is depressed. I figure it's time to get a new doorbell (this Nest Hello is probably 5 ye...

ftsang by Community Member
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Nest Hello Is Peeling

I just noticed that my Google Nest Hello is also peeling and found this previous thread. It looks like it's closed so I'm not able to reply to existing comments.

EXKonen5 by Community Member
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Woke up to a car break in and wiped history

Woke up to a car break-in. Went to check the cameras, and the history on all 3 of our cameras (2 Nest Outdoor and One Doorbell Cam) was wiped. All show "No events recorded" for days prior to today. This is one of our homes in the Google Home app; iro...

AmandaMH by Community Member
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3 weeks the home app has been down

Nearly 3 weeks now and not able to use cameras through the home app with repeated correspondence to so called google support experts. If you're in the market for a security camera just do not buy google nest battery cameras they are a travesty of the...

kimmm by Community Member
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What to do when nest outdoor cam with battery dies?

What to do with a nest outdoor camera with a battery that is completely dead? It won't charge and won't hold a charge is just off and unavailable. Is there some way to replace the batter in it? I'm 100% sure the battery is dead, I tested everything m...

kittermant by Community Member
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Doorbell Chime

Hello, I would like for the chime to still be heard on all my other hubs in the house, however, I would like to turn off the 'Someone is at the front door' sound that comes through. It feels a little redundant with already receiving the doorbell chim...