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Cameras and Doorbells

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Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

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New iPhone can’t add existing Nest battery cameras

Trying to help my mother add her existing Nest cams to her new phone thru Google Home. We go thru all of the steps and scan the Q code etc but then says can’t be completed after it goes thru the motions. I’m sure we are doing something wrong but no i...

Mojokan by Community Member
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Nest Connector is not included

My Nest Doorbell did not include or list the Nest Connector on the "Let's get started" card that came with the doorbell. So is the Nest Connector needed or can I just connect the doorbell to the two wires of my old doorbell?

Resolved! No push notifications after och ncident

HiHad a power outage and when nest doorbell went back online me and my wife do not get any push notifications to our iphones when motion is detected or someone rings the doorbell but the nest hubs and screens we have do chime and show the video feed ...

Goingnuts by Community Member
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Google Home Web App For Nest Cams?

I currently utilize 9 older versions of the Nest Cams that I use for security at my place of business and we use the Nest Web App to view cameras all at one time. We had a break in and there was an area where we needed to buy another camera. Older ve...

Battery door bell is not ringing inside the house

Hello my google door bell has stopped ringing on are nest inside the house and this has caused people to be standing at my door for a long time before we have realised they are there! it has also stop notifying my on my IPhone. So now it’s only my Pa...

Leroy1 by Community Member
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Nest Wired Doorbell Cover Peeling

My Nest Wired Doorbell cover is peeling around the button and edges. It is out of warranty however, there are several other forum posts of people successfully getting theirs replaced out of warranty with a similar issue. It seems to be a material or ...

Spinning blue circle and long delays

Hi everyone. I’ve been having major issues for about a week now with the stream stopping and blue spinning circle showing until app is closed. Launching the app again only shows the stream for maybe a minute until it does it again. Does this on all o...


Can the outside audio be restricted while maintaining expanded field of view?

Betj58 by Community Member
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Nest Cameras Detecting Events Outside of Detection Zones

This is a repost of an erlier issues i posted about and it was locked for some reason. The issue is still outstanding and problems with cameras persist. I have several of the new Nest outdoor battery cameras. All of the cameras are connected and hard...

kapurar by Community Member
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