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Why restrict access to software and lose functionality

The existing Nest app and website are extremely good and useful and feature rich, the Home app is nowhere even close to them in terms of features, how can it possibly be a good decision to deny access to them for the new products? Why not just includ...

coman by Community Member
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Outdoor camera not detecting motion.

I have two outdoor cameras. Both of them do mot detect motion until a person is virtually in front of the camera and 6 ft away. The camera then only records a short clip of the person and does not show all activity until the person exits the zone. I ...

Flsr by Community Member
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Difference between outdoor cable and included cable?

Hi there,Just wanted to confirm if the nest outdoor (battery) cam be continously powered by indoor charging cable provided. I am setting the camera on the garage wall, but have power point inside the garage, before I order an outdoor cable to power t...

deleted nest camara on accident

I accidentally deleted my nest cabins that are at my cabin about 4 hours away. I pay for nest aware. Any easy way to add the cameras back to my nest account without going to the cabin?

mtracy77 by Community Member
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Unable to play back event video

I realized about a month ago that I was unable to playback event video history. I’ve made sure my subscription was currentAll updates currentUpdated and restarted phoneRemoved and reinstalled cameras to try and start over. Still nothing!