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Cameras and Doorbells

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Door bell not able to connect to camera

New doorbell was not able to connect to camera via Bluetooth when adding new device from Nest app (Error node NC021). Same error code received even with Bluetooth reset, phone reset and different phone. Tried many times following instructions for fac...

Auto record when doorbell rings

Hi, community!I have my doorbell set to record motion at night. But I’m wondering how to set it to record when the doorbell rings during the day. My event feed tells me the doorbell rings but unless I turn the camera on immediately, I miss who’s actu...

Skirkland by Community Member
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nest camera's stop working

My nest doorbell stopped working about 4 months ago when my power went out. With the doorbell being battery it shouldn't have effected anything other than the wifi. Although when the wifi came back the camera never worked again. About once a month it...

Nest doorbell (battery) can't connect to joining device

I bought this doorbell last black friday and forgot about it. Tried setting it up today in the google home app and it goes through the "preparing device" but then it does the "connecting to joining device" (which I'm not even sure what that is) and t...

docster28 by Community Member
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Nest Camera

I bought a Nest Cam (battery) in July. It has been working fine while on battery power. Some time back I bought the power cable for it so it would remain charged. After a few weeks the camera went offline. I’ve tried all the advice, reboot, factory r...

Flan316 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! Problems with Doorbell switching offline

My wired Doorbell series 2 has kept switching offline. I have just installed 3 Google WiFi extenders with one being located near to the Front Door, together with the Mini Hub Speaker/Chime. Disappointingly the doorbell camera still reports being offl...

Entry key for doorbell

Need to get entry key to connect doorbell to another device. However doorbell is secured to door jam so I can’t get to back of it to see key. Suggestions?DT3

DT3 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest camera keeps sending false vehicle alerts

I've tried to ignore the persistent false vehicle alerts but I'm finally fed up with nuisance alerts. It does no good to be be alerted if there isn't a vehicle in my immediate driveway. I don't get hardly any false alerts in daytime but they do occur...

Voxman by Community Member
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