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Cameras and Doorbells

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Chime connector wiring

The Chime Connector included with my doorbell only has 2 wires. All the videos and diagrams show a connector with 4 wires. What is the correct way to wire a 2 wire chime connector??

redalbert by Community Member
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Nest (wired) Doorbell

I have an iPhone 13 and Nest doorbell. When I first hooked up my wired Nest I'm sure I could hear ringing on my phone when someone rang the Nest. It seems now that is not happening. Is this a setting I have wrong or has this feature been removed?

Kancel by Community Member
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Doorbell not linking

We just set up our new Google home hub 2 and we can access the video for the front door and driveway nest camera that is wired. However, when someone rings the doorbell it isn’t notifying us on the Google hub. Can you help??

Gina12 by Community Member
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Camera going offline after power outages

Camera going offline after power outages - nest outdoor cam gen 1 these cameras have a known problem coming back online after power outages and its not just one of the cameras its pretty much all of them its a miracle when one of them makes it back o...

6734 by Community Member
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