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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest hello echos visitors ringing the doorbell

Device: Nest hello doorbell wired for power, wireless into home network.Problem: After a visitor rings the bell, the chime sounds double to them, and everything they say echos back to them with about one second delay.Tested by answering with: Nest hu...

AlexM007 by Community Member
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Nest Hello

How do I set up a second doorbell at a completely different house? The new doorbell wants to connect to the old doorbell and won't let me proceed to the next step.

Replacement parts

My battery powered doorbell fell off the bracket and the half circle cover of the camera popped off (and I can't find it). Is that something I can order and put back on?Thanks!

Night recording

My camera which I have had for 2 years have suddenly stopped recording or alerting at night. Please advise of how to fix this. Thank you

Resolved! Nest Doorbell Battery wiring to transformer and Chime

Hi,I had a conventional wired doorbell. I swapped out the doorbell switch for the Nest but that didn't work, The battery didn't charge and the chime didn't work. I then wired it as per the second diagram below, bypassing the Chime and that is fine fo...



My camera does not pick up all people who come to my back door.

Doss by Community Member
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Nest video preview not working anymore

I have a samsung s21 Android smartphone and now suddendly the video preview is not working anymore in the Nest app.Looks like Nest have changed something in the app.Because iPhone users also reporting the same error. About the dissapearence from the ...

Peter22 by Community Member
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