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2 chimes 1 doorbell Nest door Bell 2ed gen

Hello . I looked at the diagrams but they did not show my the 2 chime on 1 doorbell setup. Transformer is in attic. Doorbell wires blue and blue/stripe in attic. chime down stairs wire blue and blue/strip in attic. chime up stairs wire blue and blue/...

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CJoanah by Community Member
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Doorbell, indoor and outdoor cameras always turning off

I have an indoor nest cam, outdoor nest cam, and nest doorbell that will turn off at random times and fail to capture any events. I bought this bundle no more than 2 months ago. I have tried resetting, factory resetting, and turning off the home assi...

Fabian94 by Community Member
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Outdoor cam magnetic mount

Hello,I have looked everywhere online for a replacement magnetic mount for my nest outdoor camera as the original mount was lost during our move. Where do you sell them?thanks in advance

Cant view my nest cams

When I try to access either of my cams it tells me "it doesn't support this functionality" it worked when I first got the cams

tddizer by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Battery setup - Unable to create nest network

After spending two days trying to get Wifi Pro to work in mesh and failing, I gave up and settled for one node and went to work on my doorbell. Ladida. Can't even get started.Before I delete my gmail and give up everything google I thought I'd give t...

IRTFM by Community Member
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Camera setup in google home

Hi. Trying to set up my new nest camera in the google home app. I get to the page that gives me the option to create a new nest network for my new device, but when i click create network it just says 'something went wrong, try again.Anyone know what ...

Nest Camera with Floodlight Setup Issues

When attempting to set up my Nest Camera with Floodlight, It fails after "Connecting to Assisting Nest Device". I've read many blog posts here, and most are locked by whomever locks them too early. I tried many times both with this device and my Nest...

Google Nest Doorbell Wired Gen 2 SDM API support

Previous discussion was closed, and was told to open a new thread if it is still an issue.It is, and I would still like to know when this is supported. I have 14 more days to return my doorbell and if this isn't supported I won't be purchasing google...

rayzor by Community Member
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Nest cams staying when home

I have a nest cam that stays on when I’m home and it’s supposed to turn off when I’m home. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Ian5 by Community Member
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