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Unable to Set Up New Nest Battery Camera

I have two brand new Nest Battery Cameras right out of the box that I cannot set up in Google Home. I have three active wired Nest cameras and an active Nest Doorbell and it cannot find any devices close by. I've placed the cameras beside the wifi ro...

tekdvr by Community Member
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Changing Wifi

Has anyone at Nest ever tried to change to a new WIFI on an outdoor camera that is mounted 20' off the ground? Kind of difficult to get to the QR code. Why can't you just go into the settings and change wifi? Why so difficult. Now my doorbell doesn't...

tk6831 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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terrible night vision

why was my thread closed @Brad ? you didn't resolve anything. It took 3 weeks to get a response and when i asked for further advice, you decided to lock the thread. We are still experiencing issues at night time. Original thread: https://www.googlene...

acire123 by Community Member
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when it snows my camera sends me alerts 

beeech by Community Member
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Resolved! nest doorbell battery will not hold a charge while wired

Making my own thread as the one ive been replying to is now locked.I am having the exact same issues as @NutCase I have mine wired to a 24VAC 40VA transformer which is about as high power transformer as you can get and is supported by this and many d...

mitr by Community Member
  • 31 replies
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When will Nest battery stream to Google TV

Instead of getting a cheaper Xiaomi etc, went for the nest for functionality. Accepted I couldn't store locally and only get 3 hours for free (although not clear it was 3 hours of storage or time frame). But I have to say the fact o can't see it on m...

JoshC by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Nest indoor IQ

Hi.Need help with 3 year old indoor iq wired Nest camera. Think it may have finally died.Problem: for a few days it kept disconnecting and video on feed was jittering.Disconnected and reset. Also cleared camera from Nest app.Once plugged in again blu...

Middy by Community Member
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Installing Nest cam onto Nest App (and NOT google home app) ?

So I've got 10 Nest Cameras of various generations, outdoor and indoor, not to mention smoke detectors and thermostats. They're all linked to my Nest app and recently when I purchased 2 new Nest cams, I was unsuccessful trying to install into Nest ap...

PeterX by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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My camera

I cannot get my camera to start working the blue light is not turning on when I plug it in it’s not connecting and I have it onto the Wi-Fi the same one I need help it is warm not hot is somebody trying read my camera or connected to their phone well...

Rondaa by Community Member
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