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Nest Original Power Cord failure

Is there a way I can replace the Nest outdoor camera original power cord, due to failure of the main cord that connects to the actual camera unit. The USB connectors are corroded, and the sheathing has come off.

Nest Cam's will not connect to Google Home

Just dropped about $500 on several Nest Cam's. None will connect to Google Home. All of them do not get past the "Connecting Getting your home's network ready" part. Just a "Couldn't find an assisting News device". I do not have a doorbell, just a co...

Jason9500 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell won’t factory reset

Nest Doorbell recently stopped connecting to WiFi. I tried doing the reset but they didn’t solve the issue. when i tried to do a factory reset by pushing the reset button and the chime button at same time it doesn’t work. I just get the white light g...

Grovernk by Community Member
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Battery issues with Nest Cam (battery)

Hi,We got a Nest Cam (battery) for the garden a couple of months back and initially it was fine. Shortly after we got the external power supply for it and for the last couple of weeks it has run off that. However, today when I asked the Google Nest D...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Lost Nest outdoor camera (battery) wall plate

Hi,I feel so excited to get this new product but I somehow lost my wall plate of this Nest outdoor camera (battery). I couldn't find it on Google Store. Is there a place for me to buy a replacement? Thanks!

aptor9 by Community Member
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Replacement Lens

Hello, my nest doorbell fell and cracked the lens. Would it be possible to get a replacement?

Jbush by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Incompatibility with Mikrotik 7.3.0

The Doorbell (battery) does not get a IP address over DHCP with the latest version of mikrotik routers.Looking at packet traces of old mikrotik versions that worked and new one the problem seems to be the order of Options in the DHCP OFFER packet. Th...

tbutter by Community Member
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