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Cameras and Doorbells

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Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

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Transformer replacement + chime

Hi there I have recently moved into a new build home in the UK. I have installed my google nest doorbell however realised after that my chime transformer is not compatible - i have a deta c3504 chime with built in transformer. I have purchased a prot...

cmccoll94 by Community Member
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Nest Hello peeling. Oh my!

Love my Nest products but am sad to see my trusty Nest Hello peeling?! It’s looking pretty shabby right now and my friends think it might be sharp to touch, but I assured them it’s some kind of film flaking off. Such a shame since it’s a really great...

2 cameras, 1 power source

I recently purchased the nest floodlight (wired) and would like to add an additional outdoor camera to get better coverage of my yard. I'd ideally like to have a wired cam. Is there a way to piggyback off the floodlights power? Or do they make a spli...

Sabomnim by Community Member
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Offline cameras

I have 2 next outdoor cameras, one stopped working a few months ago it will not connect to internet & the other goes on & off line all day/night most of the time if I have a problem & need to look back on cam it’s not recorded as it was offline nest ...

Ljkp123 by Community Member
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Google Nest Hello Doorbell Peeling and Flaking

A couple of years after installing our Nest Hello doorbell it looks horrible. The finish on the black bezel is flaking off starting from all the edges. It feels like the coating the Nest chose for this purpose was not suited for long term use and fai...

Steph514 by Community Member
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