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Cameras and Doorbells

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Doorbell recognition

I can't get Google Home camera to recognize the QR Code. An alternative is to let Google find the accessory but that doesn't work. Third choice is to enter the 8 digit setup code but I can't find it anywhere? Help!

bvddds by Community Member
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Hi,My Nest Hello doorbell is peeling very badly and looks awful. Can I get a replacement door bell ?Thanks,Harish

Google Nest

When I go for a walk in the mornings with my phone Google Nest tracks me going to the end of the driveway. When I come home Google Nest doesn't track me coming up the driveway. Is the reason because it hasn't picked up the internet in the house yet ?...

gsutherl by Community Member
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Nest Cam Public Link

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had experience with live streaming through the nest cam? I was looking into one to live stream some college tennis meets and was wondering if the 10 people allowed to watch at the same time is only for password protec...

Trent by Community Member
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We changed internet providers and the outdoor nest camera will not connect. I pressed the button in the back. I removed tge device fron the home app and it still tells me to get cliser and I am about 6 incges away

TeddiHutt by Community Member
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Nest Hub Max camera goes offline with Nest Wi-Fi

Every since turning on bridge mode and using the Nest Wi-if instead of the Comcast wi-if, the camera in my Nest Hub Max continues to go offline. The only way to bring it back is to reboot the Hub Max and then less than 15 minutes later the camera goe...

Boro31 by Community Member
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Google Home App - Nest products

Why do I have to use two apps for one company’s products?? I have 3 cameras, a thermostat and a smoke alarms. I can only use one camera properly on the Google home app. All other products I need to use the best app. And the best app won’t let me add ...

Klee678 by Community Member
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Nest door bell

I’m being have problems with my door bell videos at first the app crashes and now it won’t play the videos I see this a common problem with your system I’m ready to Switch system to a different one on not getting for what I pay monthly and is not my ...