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Resolved! Nest doorbell battery release tool not working

Hi, I can’t seem to get my release tool to work get the doorbell off so I can charge the battery. It’s the flat release tool which goes seems like it goes under the doorbell. Help!

by Not applicable
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Zones on outdoor camers

When I set up a zone to keep cars and people walking on the sidewalk from sending me a notification, it doesn’t work. It is like the zone is totally ignored. Anyone have any comments?

Star4647 by Community Member
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Outside camera not recording at night.

Hi, I’ve had an outdoor camera for about 3 years. Recently, although it displays the same it’s stopped recording at night. I’ve reset it twice but the problem persists, can anyone advise on a solution?

AHMackay by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Hello Doorbell (wired) terrible video quality

Finally was able to install my doorbell after waiting for a custom faceplate to be made for mounting purposes. The doorbell shows that it is connected and online. The video and still images it produces are atrocious, however. I’ve checked the signal ...

Google Nest Aware Plus Refund

Has anybody been successful in receiving a refund for a Nest Aware Plus subscription? I moved right after my subscription renewed and I no longer need the subscription. I was unaware of the move before the renewal. Now I’m 2 months in to the 12 month...

CptnKirk by Community Member
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Nest Hello Doorbell Not Working during Cold Weather

I have used the doorbell for more than two years. It rarely got disconnected. Recently, it didn't work anymore during the cold weather. When the weather gets warmer, it is back to normal. It's no problem with my Wi-Fi and power supply.When I reset it...

NoEzLife by Community Member
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