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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Cameras and routines

I have bot a nest indoor cam and a ring doorbell--both purchased two months ago. Neither is showing up as an option in routines. This includes bot Home/Away routines and new routines. No problem controlling them as on/off--just the routines. Any help...

wrightmd by Community Member
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Water inside my Nest Outdoor Waterproof camera

Dear Google Nest Team, I have called two days ago (case id: [9-9724000031808] to report that one of my outdoor cameras has water inside of it and therefore it is difficult to see what is displaying/recording. We had two hurricanes/tropical depression...

Nest notifications

I deleted a bunch of notifications from email and now cannot get notifications for two weeks.

Antonio by Community Member
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Camera hacking protection-

. Need help trying to protect the video that is coming into my phone do that what I am seeing is actually live and not someone elses idea of what they want me to see. I've had many issues with breaking and the store Bell works great except for the fa...

Unusually bad tech support for easy hardware questions.

Hi,While installing my new nest doorbell (battery) I lost one of the small screws that connect the plate to the wedge. I communicated with tech support to get the screw size. Two weeks later, I’m still getting notifications that it is taking longer t...

bradbort by Community Member
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Resolved! Wired doorbell stopped working

My doorbell has been working great, never worked with the chime, but not a big deal. All of a sudden it went off line and hasn’t come back for almost a week. It’s done this before, but always came back in a day or so. I reset, disconnected, disconnec...

Jym by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest app not giving option to see people

My app, and my laptop version are only giving me the option to hear sound and "all other motion". There's no option to send you a notification for "people".We used to have "people" but now it's gone.Please help.

Ateam by Community Member
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Nest indoor camera dead

Hello, my indoor nest camera won’t turn on at all! Tried another cable, another adapter but nothing worked Please help

Adrianvcj by Community Member
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