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Nest cam outdoor Power lead replacement

Hi ,My Nest Cam outdoor power lead is faulty. I have tested with another power lead and the camera works correctly. I have also tried replacing the fuse and trying in a different power socket, this has not worked.How can i replace the cable?


My wired nest doorbell went offline this morning. When I try to reconnect or find it, it's unsuccessful. Took doorbell off reset and still nothing. Tiny green light continously flashes no matter what I do. Help!

Mquick03 by Community Member
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Lost history after subscribing?

Hi!Mid November we purchased 3x wired Nest Cams, and then in early December added a 4th. We were on a trial. This morning I checked history and it only showed an hour prior - I realised the trial period must have ended, so right away I purchased a su...

Resolved! Nest App no longer showing preview of notification

Opening this topic again. I have this issue as well. Originally, on the iPhone home screen, when you received a notification and slid it over, there was an option to "View Preview". It was fantastic and saved loads of time. For some reason that disap...

Tgtx by Community Member
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Lack of recording video clips

Crazy how clip recording from the nest cam outdoor (battery) is impossible.I don’t understand how this feature doesn’t exist. My $35 wyze cam allows it.this is really unbelievable.i will give this a week and return. I may get another wired outdoor ne...

NC024 Error

I set up my wired doorbell. When I did the video was working and connected but it would not use the indoor chime. I turned the indoor chime on within settings and it still would not work. I did a reset of the doorbell and the indoor chime started wor...

CCAM by Community Member
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