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Cameras and Doorbells

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Connecting Cameras to Separate Wifi Network

We have the Google WiFi mesh system but it can not reach the front of our house for the Nest Outdoor camera no matter how we configure the mesh points. My idea is to buy a separate Google WiFi router, put it near the front window and have it wired in...

Google nest doorbell

We have google nest doorbell on my wife’s phone and her account.Can it be extended to my phone

Dud by Community Member
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Events that happened are now gone

I have noticed, through alerts that my nests have sent me, that nest is blocking events that have happened. Case and point my neighbor came over this morning and the nest alerted me to that event. Roughly 3 hours later when I looked at my nest feed i...

Z66 by Community Member
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Outside cameras and stuff

So the outside cameras motion operated, do the record when detecting movements, can I Bluetooth link it, so if they are motion operated, record after detection, so I have a vid of whatever was picked up? Lastly, why is the country spelled Philippines...

Resolved! Nest Cam Preview Video Not Working with IOS 15

Update my iPhone X to IOS 15.0.1 and I no longer have the Lock Screen preview video or the ability to individually clear each notification. A short swipe to the which previously gave you a short preview video now only shows “Options” and “Clear All”....

Fullwave2 by Community Member
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Nest hello, spooky sounds theme not working

I have changed the theme on my nest hello to Spooky Sounds for Halloween but the change hasn't applied to the doorbell. I have restarted the doorbell, changed the setting back to default and then back to spooky sounds on multiple devices but nothing ...

jashress by Community Member
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