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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

doorbell chime only has one wire going into it

hi all. when i take my doorbell chime off the wall it looks like there is only one wire (black) connected to the interior part of the chime. can i still hook it up using the wired version of the nest?

dbweid by Community Member
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Camera feeds suddenly unreliable

We’ve had 5 Nest cameras up and running for over a year, one being used as a baby monitor. We’d occasionally run into the “camera feed is not available”, “camera is not turned on”, “camera is offline” error messages but for the most part they worked ...

Nestdad by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Chime and Smart Speakers

Options for Nest Doorbell and connected smart speakers in the Google Home:1) Allow the option to remove the assistant from announcing "Someone's at the [location] doorbell", and just play the selected chime on connected speakers/devices. I'd love the...

tingra by Community Member
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Wall plate

Hello - we have the same issue as the poster copied below . Is it possible to order a replacement part ? Thank you

Darlene69 by Community Member
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Resolved! Cameras won’t connect to new router network

We have 4 cameras that were working just fine. Then we had to get a new router. Now we can’t connect the cameras. It gives us a C104 error message saying that is the wrong password. Everything else in the house will connect using that network name/pa...

Beckym by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Resolved! Ring wireless doorbell and wifi goes out

Unsure if this is a bandwidth issue? But lately, whenever the Doorbell is rung, my nest hubs attempt to show the doorbell video on their screens and then all my wifi connectivity goes out (music being streamed stops playing on google speakers - somet...

abengston by Community Member
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Nest camera on different WiFi network

I have a WiFi network for my house. I have a separate WiFi for the garage. I want the camera on the garage and use that WiFi. I can set up the camera on the house WiFi. It uses the nest thermostat and the nest smoke detector to assist in set up. It n...

May5gba by Community Member
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Connecting NEST hello camera

I’m getting errors when trying to get my nest hello camera connected I keep getting NC021. And NC008. So it’s now offline. I have tried adding it to the app and it’s not working .

007 by Community Member
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