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Cameras and Doorbells

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White lights inside Nest cam

We have an indoor nest cam that is in a window above our front door…. It’s been there for about 2 years and works great. Last night when I checked an alert from my phone, I noticed 6 white lights coming from the inside of the Nest…in the shape of a f...

Lvhalo by Community Member
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New Outdoor nest cam (battery) went offline

Both of my Battery Nest cams went offline and will not reconnect. Both are powered with the nest power cord. My other older nest cams are working normally.I reset one of the cameras and now cannot get it to rejoin my network. The only thing I can thi...

Uncle_Bob by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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DO NOT PURCHASE the Google "Nest" Battery Cameras...

The Nest app DOES NOT SUPPORT this battery powered camera. Doesn't show up. Forget about getting a desktop view of your cameras.Furthermore, the camera DOES NOT SUPPORT 24/7 RECORDING AS ADVERTISED. It goes "IDLE" even if connected to a power source....

Resolved! Google Doorbell

Hello - I have a "great connection" when I test my mesh network. I also have lightening internet speed on speed test. All my devices work fine. But I just purchased a google doorbell and it connects okay and triggers the doorbell fires off onto my ne...

jarobn by Community Member
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FloodLight brightness control Not Responding

Installed new Floodlight camera and camera works fine, and lights come on just as advertised. Now trying to adjust brightness and the control says offline /not responding. How can that be? How do I get control over the brightness?

36WSB by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam help desk scam???

Have owned my Nest Cam for ~ 3 years now. No issues up until 3 weeks ago when the camera kept disconnecting and the video screen shows the blue spinning icon. I tried resetting it, unplugging the power and plugging back in, uninstalling and deleting ...

chercaleb by Community Member
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Best Camera Invite not working

I have sent the URL and password to a few invitees and no one has been able to make it work. I don’t wish to add them as family. I have followed all the steps, not sure what I’m missing.

Danny00 by Community Member
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