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Cameras and Doorbells

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Using nest camera using voice

Hi, I recently got a nest doorbell and am wondering how to set it up such that I can broadcast my voice to the person at the door without touching the hub to do so.Thanks

Tbyrn21 by Community Member
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Nest doorbell crackling

I have recently installed the doorbell but I can’t clearly hear the person speaking at the door - it crackles as if the connection is unstable. Is there a fix for this? thanks

Ria1 by Community Member
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Doorbell chime not working

I have installed my nest doorbell in properly and before I connected to the app, my doorbell chime was working but ever since I connected the doorbell to the app, the chime wasn’t sounding I was wondering on how to make it work?

Vannitz by Community Member
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Outdoor battery cameras

Hello, I just installed my combo pack outdoor camera but one of the difficulties with after scan QR code the camera doesn’t connect with the google home app we got one of them to connect but we are having problems with the another one

Yatinshah by Community Member
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Need replacement under warranty

Hello. I have a failed doorbell. I just spent an hour on hold with ############, and the rep hung up as soon as my call was answered. Can you please help me get a warranty replacement?

Resolved! Can't turn on notifications for Nest Outdoor Camera

I am not able to turn on any zone "seen event" notifications for my Nest Cam (Battery) camera. I have created an activity zone but when I select it for setup under the "Seen Events" screen, there is no way to choose any events for notification. The s...

R_Broden by Community Member
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Video history not playing

Video history not playing. Detects a person or motion but video is frozen and won’t load. I already tried to reboot my wifi. No issues with my Internet. Please help!

Resolved! How to Set Up Outdoor Camera without QR Code

I recently purchased a house. The previous owners left a Nest Outdoor Camera. Unfortunately, they *also* painted over the QR Code and the six digit code. I removed the paint with acetone, but this also removed the print of the codes. Is there some wa...

jamarchist by Community Member
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