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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Help adding new camera to Nest NOT Google Home

I have been using Nest for years but when I recently tried to add a new battery camera within the Nest app it redirects to Google Home. My camera set up in Google Home but not Nest App. How does one add to Nest? I hope Google isn't trying to migrate ...

Galu by Community Member
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Nest doorbell battery two way talk

Hi all can anyone help I have a nest boorbwll battery but I can't talk back through the mic. I have a Samsung s10 lite Apps.all up to date Permissions set correctly ect can't figure ot out.

Riktor by Community Member
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Google Nest Hello doorbell peeling

Hi, like so many on these forums I have a Hello doorbell that the coating is peeling off of, just outside the warranty period.I am really disappointed in Google, for anyone considering buying one don't.They are not cheap & they are not fit for purpos...

JDAZ28 by Community Member
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Resolved! Sharing Video Stream w/ others

Good morning friends! Does anyone know if the Google Home app allows sharing of live video by creating a private or public link yet? I know the older models allowed it via the Nest App but wasn't sure if this has been incorporated into Google Home ye...

How to return/fix a faulty camera

Trying to find out how to get my camera fixed but there is nothing that addresses my problem.Camera has been working for exactly a year and has now failed. No lights at all unless I unplug it and plug it back in again. The blue light comes on for abo...

Graham54 by Community Member
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Nest battery doorbell and nest hub announcement frequency

I have a nest battery door bell and I did not have any existing door bell setup. I successfully configured my nest hub (2nd gen)to announce when someone presses door bell . my question is : when a user presses door bell 2 -3 times (with in gap of 5-1...

Aw2 by Community Member
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Nestcam battery - "extreme" temperature

I purchased a new nestcam outdoor/battery.I am sad to report that I have never been so disappointed by a Google product ever. This device is installed outside and it's completely useless to me. To start: I live in northern Canada. For the past week, ...

Missing part

I just purchased the Nest Hello and the silver metal mounting plate is missing. Can I get one or do I have to return the whole unit?