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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Cam power cord broke inside camera

I just got the cameras a couple of weeks ago. I charged both of them with no issues than one camera battery died due to it being so active. I charged it and remounted it. The other battery became low and I put the cable on and was not connected corre...

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Doorbell peeling

Has anyone had any resolution to the peeling on the doorbell. I have two that are peeling and look shoddy on my front door and side door.

cjm111 by Community Member
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Nest Outdoor Camera Lens Cover

The lens cover on one of our Nest Cam Outdoor fell off. Where can I get a replacement. The camera is no longer under warranty.

Cee by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest Login Issues

We recently moved our business. We are trying to get the cameras working again. I don't remember my Nest password, every time I use the forgot password link I never get an email to reset password. Just keeps bringing me to the login page. Any help wo...

Nest hello doorbell bracket

Original mounting bracket missing - I bought it a year ago but only now getting around to install - where can I get a replacement mounting bracket since all aftermarket “trim” brackets say you need the original metal mounting bracket

Popeye by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Floodlight/Camera Scheduling Idea for Google Home App

I was very disappointed that you cannot schedule the Nest Floodlight Camera product after I installed 5 of them, but since I replaced all my Floodlights with these, they already had a light switch that controlled the previous floodlights. There are a...

BG by Silver Product Expert
  • 5 replies
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Each of my events is deleted after 3 hours

Hi Support, I've purchased 3 Google nest camera (battery) and 1 new Google doorbell. Now I can't see any events. Not today. Not yesterday. Not the day before. I've experienced this for a few days. I didn't realized it until last week. I used the onli...

Shen by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Billing snd subscription

Hi I paid £50 for the yearly subscription to nest aware. You also have take the original payment of £33 from me. Also I thought with the new £50 subscription for all cameras that there was extras on this snd I don’t see extras. Leachy248. can you che...

Rocco by Community Member
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