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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Aware Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Resolved! Nest Aware Price Jump

Just got my email notification. 25% increase from $120 to $150/year? I don't think so. Looks like I'll cancel before my renewal, have no cloud storage for now until I find a more reasonable alternative.If you're going to raise prices that much, give ...

DJHussey by Community Member
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Nest Aware Familiar Criminal Notifications

We all seen screenshots of a dodgy guy caught on someones camera posted online. with Nest you can't set a notification when your local criminal returns, you should be able.

Nest Aware not recording

Hello, I recently purchased Nest Aware and the google home app is still not recording for longer then 3 hours. When I open up Nest Aware in the app it says the subscription has ended. Can you please assist? Thanks.


Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text you copy will be saved here.

Basza by Community Member
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Nest Routine

Good Morning routine used to allow Play The News, now it is blanked out. Also other commands like Play a delightful chine, or Today in History don’t come on even though I have selected them. I will appreciate any advice. Thank you.

g1s1 by Community Member
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Push Notifications

I recently migrated my nest account to google home so I could subscribe to best aware and no longer receive push notifications for events my nest cameras. I’ve checked all settings and restarted my phone but no difference. I can see in the nest app t...

mdoncer by Community Member
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