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Nest thermostat fan setting to stay on

I just installed the basic nest thermostat. I want my fan to run 24/7 but I only see an option for setting it on manually for 12 hrs. Is there a workaround to have the fan always run?

EAG by Community Member
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Neat thermostat

Hi,I have just upgraded my iPhone and in google home it won’t allow me to add the thermostat. I follow the instructions but when trying to get the code it says I am already connected as it is set up on my old phone. It didn’t transfer over the same. ...

Kaz80 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Stand-Alone

Can the Nest Thermostat (powered just by its internal two AA batteries) be used as a stand-alone wi-fi thermometer? I want to monitor temperature in several rooms without actually controlling the temp. The house has wi-fi.

Wojo by Community Member
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Thermostat temperature issue

Hiwe have had our Nest Thermostat for a few years now and just recently it seems to stop at a certain temperature and not heat any more. For 3 weeks it would get to 22 degrees and that it even if we have set the temperature at 25. It’s now getting st...

DBev by Community Member
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Can you add Nest Thermostat to the app remotely?

I removed my thermostat from my app when there was an issue with the wiring... now it's fixed and I want to put it back. but I'm hours away from where the thermostat is! Can I add it remotely? I tried, with a friend at the location to follow the on-s...

MZeitlin by Community Member
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Nest thermostat E

Hi ive just had delivered a Thermastat E with Heat link and asked heating engineer to fit.I was out but he said it requires a stand , not included apparently. (Box not open and i dont want to open in case of returns) So is there a stand and if so whe...

sylvesm by Community Member
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So have a single zone system gas furnace with air conditioning. One nest on second floor for a/c one thermostat on first floor for heat. Need help with wiring both together to one furnace that also provides blower for ac