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Nest Thermostats

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2 wires

I am adding a C Wire adapter to my Nest Thermostat 2020. Can you confirm this wiring configuration for a 2 wire gas/heat only system: White wire with black stripe from adapter to "C" terminal, White wire from furnace to "W" terminal, White wire (no s...

hubs by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat in a bad location

The location of the thermostat in the home is in an area that barely gets any foot traffic so the thermostat will always think we're "away".I want to install another nest learning thermostat in an area of the house that gets far more traffic to picku...

anestuser by Community Member
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H72 Heatlink

Hi my Nest is showing the fault H72, I have checked the heatlink and have 240v there and it won’t let me reset either. I have 2 Nest thermostats on the same power circuit and the other one is working fine. This unit was only installed in Feb 21. Can ...

Feeky by Community Member
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Nest doesnt work but old thermostat does.

The Nest thermostat was detecting a problem with the W wire and giving an E102 error. I checked the wire at both ends, redid the connections, and tried a different base plate and thermostat but continued to receive the same error. Out of frustration ...

nest schedule

Hey there, my Nest won’t follow the saved schedule. I have to manually put the heating on/off on my phone app. The auto assist has been put off and hone-away off. Still, nothing

Ab1d by Community Member
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