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My Nest Thermostat the fan mode always shows. I can shut down the unit and the fan is still running. What should I do?

New Thermostat only does in Google Home

I already have one Nest thermostat it shows in google home and the Nest app. I have just installed a new one (looks like a mirror), and it is only showing in the Home app. I like the Nest app much more than the Home app. I would really like all of my...

Google Nest Thermostat reads higher Temp

Just installed 3 days ago. reads about 3 degrees higher then retired honeywell unit. Took another digital thermometer adjacent to compare. That reads lower by about 3 degrees as did the replaced thermostat. Setting the Nest at say 68 as previous unit...

roepkcs by Community Member
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New feature

One thing lacking in nest Thermostat is the possibility to create multiple programs and/or turn them on and off without completely deleting them.For example, my electricity cost per KW is higher during extreme cold events and during heavy usage hours...

Mathieu by Community Member
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Nest thermostat technical support

I am seeking technical support for my nest thermostat. I am having issue setting up my account to my app. I have already set up the Wi-Fi, however the app is not register to the nest thermostat

Rwil by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

I just installed a nest thermostat in my mother in laws home. She is out of the country. Is there a way for her to connect to the new thermostat while she is away?

Windy1414 by Community Member
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Resolved! Heatlink dead

hi, my heat link (about a year old) is dead with no lights at all. I have tried everything in the instructions/chats but nothing changes the H71 or the lack of lights in the heat link. I really want to put some heating on so please can you tell me ho...

Nvaslpn25 by Community Member
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