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Nest battery camera

When I try to install this I open my google nest app and scan the code but it says install in google home, when I go to my google home account it says install in google nest. I can’t find any information on how to solve this. Thanks for any help

Ajdederer by Community Member
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Nest Aware 2nd gen account support

I already have Nest Aware 1st gen, and a personal G-Suite email that I administer. I cannot upgrade to 2nd gen with that email. I will not create and manage a separate email account just for my cameras.Either:1. Stop requiring a google account2. Supp...

Rubicon78 by Community Member
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Nest volume too low

I cannot hear a person talking thru the camera, it is muted/barely audible. Person can hear me, but we can barely hear them with phone volume on full.

PBuffam by Community Member
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Nest hello quit working

I have a next hello that quit working on September 6th. I've tried disconnecting the power and using the reset button but nothing seems to power it back on. The green light and circle around button are no longer illuminating.It turned off about 4am t...

Its_soy by Community Member
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New Nest Cam (Battery) not recording at night

I have 2 new Nest Cams (Battery) and they don't seem to be recording any nighttime activity. I have zones set up and they work as intended during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, they stop recording. However I can get live video at night, just n...

fennd3867 by Community Member
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Wired Nest Hello Doorbell will not connect

I have a wired Google Nest Hello doorbell, brand new from box and a new Google Hub brand new from box. Doing setup from my Google Pixel 5. First I try and add through Google Home app, and it says I have to use Google Nest app. Then Google Nest app ca...

AerieH by Community Member
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