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Cameras and Doorbells

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Update: New Alexa Skill Introduced for Google Nest Cameras & Doorbell Read more

Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

Get into the Halloween spirit with new ringtones for Nest Doorbells and more! Read more

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Cold weather concerns with Nest Doorbell Battery Read more

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Notifications to family/household members

Why am I the only one that is getting alerts from our Nest Doorbell (Wired)? I have my wife and son added as family/household members, but they do not get any alerts when activity is detected. I've checked the Nest and Home apps on their phones, they...

Resolved! Screen peeling and cracking

The face of the next doorbell is pealing and cracking. This doorbell was installed just under not long ago, at the same time as a others in my neighborhood. Theirs still look brand new, mine looks terrible.

Rimal by Community Member
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Activity Outside Zone Problems

I have two outdoor nest cameras. I set up two zones for each camera. One zone excludes the street and I have notifications set to on for people, autos, etc. I set up another zone for the street and turned off notifications so I don't get motion notif...

Klehman60 by Community Member
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Doorbell won’t play video

Our doorbell worked fine when first installed during the free trial period. When we upgraded to the purchased plan, our doorbell stopped playing videos and now only delivers still shots. me have checked for updates, turned it off and then on again, r...


How can I pair my iPhone to the doorbell. I was able to do it with my iPad but not iphone

Paula3 by Community Member
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Various error codes - Camera cant be added

Hello! I have 2 indoor cameras and one outdoor. One of the indoor cameras stopped working, and when I tried to re-add it I kept getting different error codes (C104, C220, C229 among others). A different one each time. I also connected straight to my ...

yarright by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Robbed while the camera was running

We woke up to our company work van broken into…. The passenger side window was busted and the back doors were open. I went to review the footage and at 2:40am the back doors were still sealed shut….3:30am the had been opened the video in between says...

Nest Doorbell (wired) Installation

There appears to be a faulty core assumption in the installation video and step by step instructions for the Nest Doorbell (wired). It’s that one will be able to pass excess wire (or the wire extensions and clips) into the hole that supplies the door...

Nest Camera Battery - Something Went Wrong

A few weeks ago, I noticed my Nest Camera (Battery) said it was Offline so I charged it for a full day. Still wouldn’t work so I uninstalled it from my Google Home app and then performed a factory reset on the camera. Tried to reinstall the camera se...

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