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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Live Video Feed Chrome Issues (?)

I purchased a brand new Lenovi I7 Slim Windowns and installed Chrome. I'm having a lot of issues and I'm not sure if its Chrome related. The Google Home app won't display the video feed from my cameras. I still have my old computer and I can see the ...

rgarg3 by Community Member
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AC Power Adapter, 28W, model A0049

Hi, I need to buy a new AC power Adapter, 28W, model A0049 for my outdoor, wired NEST camera, preferable with a UK 3 pin plug or European 2 pin plug. Does anyone know where I can buy this AC adapter ? regards David.

DL5054 by Community Member
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Nest owner dies I am a guest

My partner who is the nest owner has died. How do I transfer nest ownership to me. I am currently only a guest

Be4 by Community Member
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Trying to link Google with Nest

Hello, I am a long-time Nest Hello user. Originally I bought this Nest Hello for my father, we then added the Nest Thermostat as well. He made me a member of the house years ago via the Nest app. He has since passed and I now have the Thermostat and ...

Mshimmin by Community Member
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Nest Outdoor Camera cable replacement

My camera stopped working. I can only get it to work by replacing the original wire with a macbook USB-C wire so I know it's because of the wire. I'm not sure how it went bad, but it's gone bad. I need a replacement wire.

johnnyla by Community Member
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Nest doorbell notifications not working on iPhone

I was receiving notifications to my iPhone and Apple Watch but it has since stopped. We still receive notifications on iPads and other google products with no issues. I checked all settings and they are fine, turn off/on and do not see an update avai...

Lala911 by Community Member
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