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Cameras and Doorbells

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New updates to Google Home for camera users: new AI image detection, requested f... Read more

Nest Cam Outdoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out into Public Preview for ... Read more

Nest Cam Indoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out in the Public Preview of ... Read more

Forum Posts

Feature Request (Dynamic bandwidth/resolution)

I had always been a little disappointed in the resolution of the picture when I pinch zoomed in on the doorbell camera, then, after having had the doorbell forever.. , I found that it was , by default, turned to a low resolution to save bandwidth. I ...

Can't set up Nest Doorbell

Hello,I'm trying to add my Nest Doorbell (wired) as a new device to my home but it just isn't working! It has been professionally installed by an electrician who has checked his wiring twice, I have a compatible chime and the correct voltage transfor...

Video Doorbell notification should be always on

It seems intuitive that the (wired) Google Video Doorbell notification should be enabled/disabled separately from other notifications.For instance, notifications for email, telephone and text messages being turned off while asleep, but if somebody is...

M_Dancer by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest indoor cam

Hi - I have a NEST indoor camera and recently the light turned red. The camera still works. I have tried removing the camera and adding it again but this hasn’t made a difference. Does anyone know what this means? Also my outdoor cam has stopped work...

NicholasW by Community Member
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Sound event notifications on nest cam indoor

Hi, I just bought a new nest cam indoor (2nd gen). According to this official help page, I should have "Person speaking alerts" alerts in my camera. In my home app, I can't find a way to configure it. I have a "nest aware" subscription. When I open t...

IMG_0906854D732C-1.jpeg IMG_7ADB3ECA688B-1.jpeg
mbassem by Community Member
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Resolved! “Nest Cam Setup (Macintosh).app” needs to be updated.

I am trying to connect a older Nest Cam Outdoor. It wont connect thru the Nest app on my iphone. I tried to plug into my computer but I get the following error“Nest Cam Setup (Macintosh).app” needs to be updated.I cannot find the latest software anyw...

tpmrobic by Community Member
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Nest Hello Visitor Announcement stop working

I have a nest hello for 2 years and I have a couple of google nest hub max and google home mini around the house. Recently the visitor announcement stops working on all the speakers and displays. Display products will show the video feed but they wil...

WaffleJP by Community Member
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