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NestCam outdoor not recording certain activity

My NestCam Outdoor will not record and save activity history, for two cars. My gray Jeep and my father’s gray Camry. However, it records and saves every other vehicle that comes into our driveway. The only thing we can guess is that the color of thos...

Door bell delaminating

My wired Nest Hello door bell cam is delaminating and it out of warranty. Can I get a replacement?

TxAg95 by Community Member
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Nest Hello Doorbell wired

I’m having issues with my nest hello. I’ve had it for 4 yrs and it’s worked great. Now its constantly offline and then comes back online for a period of time only to turn off again. I removed the camera from the app and reset it. Worked for a little ...

Rfigueroa by Community Member
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Full Screen Landscape

Just bought a new Nest Hello Wired Doorbell to replace my old one. When I turned my iPhone to landscape mode the Nest App used to show the video in full screen, filling the whole screen. But now that doesn’t happen. What is the reason for this? Are y...

pneyra by Community Member
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Why is my Nest only showing still shots? The videos have stopped showing movement here I only get still shots?

Jaward1 by Community Member
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2 Indoor Chimes with 1 Nest Hello

Hello, my house has 2 indoor chimes (one upstairs and one downstairs). I purchased a Nest Hello wired doorbell which I would like to use to activate both chimes. All of the help and online setup videos only reflect a single chime. Does it matter whic...

Jbird by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest cam and the Nest app

I'm confused... I bought a Nest indoor cam and downloaded and installed the Nest app. I already have a Nest thermostat in the Next app and want to add the cam as well. I also installed the Google home app and installed Hue lights and the thermostat. ...

rvbilsen by Community Member
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NestCam Indoor Outdoor Battery

I am very frustrated that the new Google Nest Cams are not compatible with the website. I have six cam's using that ecosystem and two of the new indoor/outdoor battery cams.I LOVE the intereface that I have on the nest app...