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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Camera false person alert

Getting a number of false person alerts daily. If anyone was actually in the house, the ADT Alarm system would go off, so what can we do to minimize this problem.Thanks

Jhorow by Community Member
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Nest Cam with floodlight

Our electrician just connected our two nest cams with floodlights, one is working perfectly. The other has power and floodlights turn on but the camera will not. There are no color lights turning on the camera. Not sure if the camera is just dead? Wh...

Bdb1 by Community Member
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Google Nest battery doorbell not recharging properly

I have had the doorbell just less than a year and after a few problems to begin with it has been working fine until the last couple of times that it has needed recharging. Usually it reminds me via the Home app when the battery is low and then shows ...

tim_d by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Doorbell wired 2nd gen

I had my doorbell installed and added to Google Home but they did not add to my Nest app. Now I am having trouble adding the doorbell to my nest app as it is already set up.Any suggestions.

Borduex by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell wired 2nd Gen

Hello everyone,Will a Nest Doorbell wired 2nd Gen US version purchased in US work when installed in Europe / Denmark and connected to European version of Nest Hub?Thank you

MichalP7 by Community Member
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Doorbell fell out of the cradle

I see there have been a few comments regarding doorbells not staying in the cradle, has anyone in Australia had success in having their doorbell replaced under warranty? I have contacted support via the chat and they have advised I return it to the p...

9georgie9 by Community Member
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Lost QR code sticker for. my Gen 2 Indoor wired Nest Cam

I installed my camera, even put the QR code sticker on the setup instruction sheet as directed, now as I was putting the instruction in the box I noticed the QR code sticker is gone. Needless to say, I'm bummed.The camera was installed in my mother's...

Chcherri by Community Member
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Goggle nest cam kept dropping out connection

We had just bought the Google nest cam two weeks ago. The live video kept dropping out while we have no problem with the wifi at home watching netfix etc on laptop or tv. the battery is supposed to last for months but it dropped tremendously! We have...