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What is the recommended doorbell chime for 2 Google hello

Hello Does Google recommend a chime for 2 Google Hello? it seems that standard 16v/10va chime is not compatible, the specs should be 16v/20va because the transfo has been upgraded to 16v / 30va to give power to the doorbell.Any model to suggest ?

Yv35T by Community Member
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Chime not ringing with new Best doorbell

Hello,I installed my new Nest wired doorbell over the weekend and everything connected and works fine and I wired it directly as described in the instructions and now my indoor doorbell electronic chime is not working when I ring the bell. I already ...

CodyA10 by Community Member
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My solution worked

Recently I asked for help on connecting my nest battery doorbell to my mini speakers inside. I figured it out of anyone has the same issue. Go to Google account open Home where you placed your doorbell on, under in you will or should see your speaker...

Daeh by Community Member
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Sound Detection with Wireless Nest Doorbell

I have set up a Wireless Nest Doorbell. I have a google nest hub and 3 mini's in the house. When I go to turn on Sound Detection in Nest Aware it takes me to No compatible devices. How do I get this option to work?

Jmanz1313 by Community Member
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Doorbell notifications displayed on thermostat

Dear all, I was wondering if it would be possible to receive a notification on my Nest thermostat (V3) if somebody rings my Nest doorbell? Perhaps even with image? I already have a Google Hub, but this screen is located in the kitchen and if we are i...

Berty by Community Member
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How long does Nest Hello last?

Hello, I've had my Nest Hello for over three years. It's been great. Then this weekend it died. There is power to the wires. I've had it for three years so I don't think it's a voltage issue. I tried reseting it but that didn't revive it. Do I need a...

Ciofdog by Community Member
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Nest aware older devices on home app

I have a number of devices (outdoor IQ), smoke detectors, yale lock, doorbell etc. I just recently bought a fooodlight (wired) and only now realized it won’t work in the nest app, it has to go via google home, which is super clunky. Anyway, not wanti...

Digifoo by Community Member
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