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cameras schedule

Hello, I recently purchase a camera with flood light. There are workers during the day and I don't need notifications at that time. How can I set up a time schedule of notifications or if this is possible. thank you,

Jpablob by Community Member
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Nest Floodlight replacement parts

I need a replacement Mounting plate for a Nest Cam with floodlight. I asked Google for help and they said find it at a local retailer. I cannot find any replacement parts anywhere, has anyone had to replace this part? How? Where can I find one? I don...

James11 by Community Member
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Nest doorbell not showing video

Hello, I have a nest hello wired doorbell. Nest app and google home were working perfectly while we had the free trial. Now that the trial is over when you go into history for any cameras (nest hello and my home hub max) you can only see a thumbnail ...

SashaO by Community Member
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Worth the money

With so many alternatives that are cheaper and have better video quality are Nest products worth the money?

Hello Nest is peeling off

Hi,My Hello Nest camera's front is peeling off, it really looks horrible whereas these doorbells are really expensive.I have been told about a replacement procedure for this known defect.Can someone tell me how to proceed ?Best regards,Philippe

Email verification

I recently posted a reply to a Google Nest Community board. My reply apparently went through, but when I checked if anyone had added anything to the topic, I noticed I had a message banner that said I could not post any more replies until my email wa...

CarpeDiem by Community Member
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Nest hello bubbling

Hi - our doorbell has recently started to bubble and looks awful. I am wondering if there is anything that can be done 

Loliell by Community Member
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Impossible to connect my doorbell

Hi there !I’ve reset my wifi network and managed to reconnect all my devices with the exception of the doorbell. My Google home it keeps saying that something went wrong and I need to reset the device. I did this a few times but nothing changes. Can ...

Franck1 by Community Member
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Wireless Outdoor Camera Does NOT Charge

Google outdoor wireless cam does not charge. I have checked the power cord to make sure it’s attached properly with the pins and it sits flush on the camera. I have change outlets in the house is not charging either. I charged another device on the s...

Lissette by Community Member
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