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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Doorbell Video History

I have just moved over from the free 1 month trial of nest aware to the monthly plan. In the change over I have lost all video history recording during the trial period. How do I recover this video history? The trial and monthly plan are both the sam...

nick891 by Community Member
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Battery camera not picking up animals

I had 10 deer walk by my battery camera and it didn’t turn on. Same with cats & foxes. Camera is 7’ off the ground. All checkboxes are selected. My wired camera picked all of them up, which is how I know.

kevclay by Community Member
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Floodlight will not turn off

I have been using my Floodlight for a few months and it has worked flawlessly until now. Last week the floodlights started to be activated 24/7 even with no movement in the backyard. I have checked and double checked all the floodlight settings, but ...

kyttervik by Community Member
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Nest G batteri indordne cam sound

Hi all.Re.: Google Nest cam indoors with batteri.can anyone tell me if This camera has a turning on an a turning off chime/Sound ? Can it be turned off if it has? , or does The camera make any other Sound that cannot be turned off?thank you, its very...

Cold weather notifications on nest battery cameras

Since I haven't heard any updates from Google I wanted to start another thread and hopefully someone can give an update. When are the low device temperature warnings going to have the ability to be silenced???? This is out of hand and makes the whole...

Google Home Nest app functionality

WHERE IS IT? When will the Web App have some functionality beyond live viewing?! This truly sucks. New cameras are working great, but the mobile app and especially the web app are just HORRIBLE. When can we expect the same functionality as the old Ne...

DanaB by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Nest Gen1 peeling

I know it's not affecting function but I had two people tell me they didn't ring it because it looked 'sharp'. Is there a way Google can send out some UV coating to re coat my camera??

Tagban by Community Member
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How to choose which speakers doorbell rings on

It looks like lots of people have asked this over the last few years, and there have been no helpful solutions. I'm wondering if this has changed. I too would like to select which Google speakers get notifications from the doorbell. It's really incon...

Dropcam Won't Connect to Laptop

I have a used dropcam my nephew gave me. I connected it to my Apple laptop, but I get no response. No icon on the laptop and the camera blinks blue then red continuously. Help!