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Cameras and Doorbells

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Doorbell camera

How do I connect my camera back to the internet? I got a faster speed internet now my doorbell camera is offline & I don’t know how to get it back online.

Nest Outdoor cam (wired) no status light

Hi-My Nest cam suddenly quit working, indicator light will not illuminate, conducted a factory reset and removed/readded camera and still will not connect. Any other troubleshooting tips? No other issues with my other nest cams or doorbell (all on sa...

LAFOSTER by Community Member
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Camera Nest outdoor on Nest APP

Hi,I have a camera inside, and a thermostat.. i use Nest app, and everything is good.I want to add a new camera (outdoor). when i add the camera, i'm redirected to Google home.The installation is done, and the camera work with google home.. but i can...

vanbellel by Community Member
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Cannot find new ringtones on my nest doorbell camera

When I go into my nest app, I cannot find any option to change my ringtone or theme for the doorbell. I have looked under Device Options in the settings of the camera from my nest app but there is literally no option to change the ringtone. See the s...

j2philli by Community Member
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Broken camera

I have a broken camera and want to replace, will the charges recognize that is replacement or will understand as new equipment? I don’t want to pay for the one that is broken

Electronic chime

Is the CHIME CONNECTOR required for a ELECTRONIC WIRED CHIME when installing the 2nd GEN Nest doorbell? Wiring ?

IMG_0248 Bell.jpeg

Outdoor camera

I have 5 outdoor cameras and I just installed a new one on my porch and it is not detecting people. I can walk up to my front door and the camera does not register anything. I have power cycled the camera, created activity zones, and turned up the se...

MJ918 by Community Member
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