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Factory reset

We have a new Wi-Fi system and when I tried to reset it on the camera it is telling me I need to do a factory reset. I cannot figure out how to do this

Kburger by Community Member
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Nest Aware Subscription not working correctly

I pay for the Nest Aware Subscription. It should have 24/7 event monitoring. I never had an issue with it before. Whether there is an event or not, I want it live stream recording. Now, the past few weeks when I go to look back to see what happened t...

Nest Hello Echos Visitors Voices

I recently purchased and installed the Nest Hello, however when visitors speak into it, they will hear their words spoken back to them. AKA it is echoing their voice so it makes conversations very difficult. Sounds like maybe this is an issue between...

LenDawg by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Off-line

My doorbell (wired) has been offline for three weeks and it will not respond to factory resets or any other trouble-shooting tips I have read about. Please help.

Kennetht by Community Member
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Replacement parts

Is there any way to get replacement parts for the wire connectors and the little screws for the wire connector that attach to the doorbell?

Goobtube by Community Member
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Nest indoor magnetic mount

We have recently moved house and stupidly we forgot to remove the magnetic mounts from the walls that our nest cameras were mounted too. I was wondering whether I was able to get hold of any replacements or where to purchase them from?? Thanks

Don't buy nest cameras

Bought a nest outdoor iq camera about 2 years ago. The first one died after 8 or 9 months. The replacement died this weekend (won't even power up). Nest says its out of warranty. Even though the forums are filled with dead cameras. I paid $120 back i...