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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Need 1st gen Nest Aware reinstated

I need my 1st Gen Nest Aware 5-day 24/7 package back.I tried the Nest Aware Trial app and knew within minutes I'd made a huge mistake and cancelled subscription (but I had to suffer thru the trial period). I want my original purchased package (5-day ...

LMC1 by Community Member
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my Battery Doorbell doesnt connect to wifi

I have factory reset my nest doorbell but still it doesn't get connected with my new WIFI.The set up fails on the last step after connecting to WIFI, just shows a error message saying please reset your device and try again.But I am not able to reset ...

Debasis by Community Member
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My Nest Doorbell is peeling and cracking

I have a wired Nest doorbell that is installed under my roofs overhang yet the doorbell is coming apart - peeling and cracking. (Also own other google products too). Who can help me resolve this? I have the original box and receipt. Also I am a nest ...

Cpr9999 by Community Member
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Best camera power

I plugged my outdoor nest camera in to a power source and it still shows “battery” when I check settings. Do I need to do something to change the settings to recognize the power source?

jayjay22 by Community Member
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Bad Camera Battery

I have 4 Nest outdoor wifi cameras, that I installed in the 1st week of January (2022).1 of them won't hold a charge and I've had to charge it twice (even though I've set the battery usage to "More battery life" and turned on the "Automatic battery s...

Doorbell camera won’t show recordings

I used to be able to see all my video’s and recordings and re watch them. But now everytime my camera captures something and I open the app to check the video, the video won’t play and its just frozen. Its like there is too much data on my camera or ...


My Nest camera has stopped working(recording) and I get a msg that the camera is idle. the camera was working fine a couple of days ago. I have looked thru the self help stuff and can't find what I need. Help? Also, is the such a then a service that ...

jprevey by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Nest Camera Battery scheduling

I am very disappointed that you do not have any on/off scheduling option for the battery Nest camera. Without this feature my cameras last half as long as they could and give me endless notifications at times I don't care what is observed. What's wor...

MoonSammy by Community Member
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