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Lost connection to indoor camera

I added a new Google Home Hub device to my network and asked Google to Sync my Nest devices. My indoor camera went offline and will not reconnect. I've since removed the device from my Nest set-up and am trying to reconnect it. It will no longer conn...

MattAliH by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Peeling

Hi guys, My wife and I received a nest doorbell for a wedding present in August of 2019. Since we lived in an apartment at the time, this was not installed until we purchased a house the following year in August of 2020. We installed the doorbell at ...

sme1498 by Community Member
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Replacement Mounting Plate for Nest Doorbell?

Trying to find a replacement mounting plate seems impossible... there are a few third party options that offer fancy faceplates but not the necessary metal mounting bracket. From what I've read recently, it seems to be a very common thing to break. H...

rjb by Community Member
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Detect Mouse

Hi. We want to use our nestcam to alert us if mice (ugh! I know!) are crawling around our basement at night (or have hopefully left).We are finding the motion detection is not sensitive enough to pick up small moving objects on the floor...Is there a...

Rivkah by Community Member
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Resolved! Doorbell not connecting to new wifi

My Google doorbell is not connecting to my new wifi having moved home. I have followed the process to set it up from scratch, scanning the QR code etc, however, the light on the doorbell is not turning blue to continue through the process.

Nest hello faceplate peeling

Hello, have had my Nest hello for over a year and just noticed that some of the coating is peeling off the faceplate. Is there anything Google is doing about this? I mean I'm I have many Google porducts and never expected anything like this from any ...

Jmoreno by Community Member
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