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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Video History on Google Nest Doorbell

I recently installed a Nest Doorbell Battery. It was my understanding that I would get 3 hours worth of recording in my video history without a paid Nest Aware Subscription. But I am only able to view history for the current day through the Google Ho...

ANK1 by Community Member
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Resolved! What does it take to get this annoying banner removed on all of my cameras on the Nest app?

It’s the banner informing me Dropcams will no longer be supported next April. I am fully aware but annoyed this banner is taking up already valuable space on each dropcam screen in the Nest app. I’ve actually clicked on it by accident a couple of tim...

Lcw916 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Mini 2nd Gen + Battery doorbell

I can’t get my doorbell chime to play on the nest speaker. I have the visitor announcement turned on and it won’t allow me to turn the chime feature on.

Sweisz30 by Community Member
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Nest cam facial recognition

I have 2 nest cams gen 2 battery cameras and want to buy a 5m genuine nest cable to connect to power and was wondering if that would give me the same features as a purchased wired camera as well as save battery. The main feature i am trying to get is...

Dyates by Community Member
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Nest doorbell (wired) holiday theme missing

Moderator edit: for the safety of our community members, this post was edited to remove personally identifiable information. I have an older nest doorbell(wired) sn ################ and the tab for holiday themes is not in the app any longer. Is this...

Jrey12 by Community Member
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