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Nest Doorbell Camera Cracked

Hello,My Google Nest battery doorbell fell from its base and the camera cracked right in the middle. I just got it in January. Is this under warranty? What are the steps to go about getting it fixed or replaced?

ID by Community Member
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Google Nest Doorbell indoor chime

I've just installed a hard wired (electricity) Google Nest Doorbell with camera. We have no internal chime mechanism, and I'd like to put one on each floor, so we can hear if someone is at the (if we don't have our phone nor watch on, or if a house w...

Samearle by Community Member
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Replacement cable

I have a Nest Outdoor cam, not the Nest IQ Outdoor cam. The power cable is not weatherproof as the outer wire casing has degraded and the bare wires are showing, badly. Can the power cable be replaced? If so, how do I get a replacement cable? Also, t...

Google Nest Camera stopped working and recharging

Hi there, anyone else had their Google Nest Cam stop recharging (I was away and battery went dead.) When I got back the camera just would not recharge - using the cable and charger supplied by Google. I've also attempted a factory reset but the devic...

Resolved! Nest Floodlight won't turn off

For a few months my floodlight was working as expected. A few days ago I started noticing that it would not turn off and stay on day and night. I tried turning off power and restarting it, no luck.I also tried messing with the settings, including tur...

jphocea by Community Member
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Hello doorbell cloudy at night and peeling

My Hello doorbell is cloudy at night and is peeling. It has a baked on film that is cracking and peeled off in places making it reflect light and blur the picture. What can be done?

Cleells by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Missing Single Event When Doorbell Rang

Hello,Something curious happened today. Someone rang the doorbell and there was no video only for that specificevent. The app has a blank recording for 2m and then recovers. The prior event records up to the pointwhen the person (unknown to us , covi...

F2713 by Community Member
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Nest outdoor camera loud whining noise

I have an outdoor nest camera that is around 5 years old. I've noticed that it was offline for hours at a time until it wouldn't reconnect at all. I have 3 other nest cameras that work fine but this one is the oldest. When I went outside it had a lou...

Faulty device - Denied raising a complaint.

tl;dr -- Device stopped recording live events.- Faulty device, always idle unless actively viewing live feed.- Multiple contacts to be told 10 days later, that this is expected behaviour for the camera to not record events while idle (But that the ca...

HarryB by Community Member
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