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Cameras and Doorbells

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Is there a way for the nest hub to show video automatically when someone rings the doorbell?

Nest Magnetic Base

Hello,We recently did a renovation on our home and 2 of our Nest Magnetic Base was lost during the building process. I am unable to re-mount the two cameras now. How can I go about getting 2 new Magnetic Bases for my Nest Outdoor Cams? Thanks,Tyrel

tyrel by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell peeling off - replacement denied

I am going to start by saying that I don't need to be contacted by anyone, I just want to vent my frustration. Back in December, I posted in this forum that my Nest Hello's front was peeling off, and I found out that this is a very common problem. Th...

cgjjaf by Community Member
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Neat cam suddenly going offline

We’ve had a nest cam set up indoors for about a year and a half. It’s been working well until this past week when it suddenly started showing offline and not responding.When I unplug it nothing changes.When I reset our internet the nest cam comes bac...

Bnanny by Community Member
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Why my Nest is not recording?

My nest cam suddenly decided to stop video recording and only shows camera pics. I payed a yearly fee in January 2022 and I am still experiencing the same on Nest and Google Home. Help!

Radesha by Community Member
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Multiple Issues with New Nest Cam

I've been a NestCam and Nest Doorbell user for many years between two different homes, and have recommended the products often for ease and simplicity many times. Unfortunately with the new Google Nest Cam Outdoor/Indoor Battery model I am beyond fru...

rxm108 by Community Member
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Nest door

Nest door bell was working good for the first 2 years, but now I am not able to play any video. I have subscribed for 5 days recording. I can’t see my 5 day recording. What do I do please help. Benhur

Benhur by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam Outdoor

Is there anybody who can help me. I have been bought a Nest Cam by my children for Christmas. I have installed it, it works but it will not play back video. It works best on my iPhone. I have read all I can, many threads on this topic do not answer t...

Flossy53 by Community Member
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