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No thumbnail with Google pixel

I have nest hello and indoor and outdoor cams. I get thumbnail notifications from my iPhone ,but now I have changed to a pixel 6 pro I do not get the thumbnail ,I can't understand that I get them with IOS but not a Google phone. The mind boggles.

Nest Doorbell

Hello all!We have had our nest products for several years now and I am just hoping there has been an update to the software to allow me to do what I am wanting. We installed our wired nest Doorbell on the same spot our previous doorbell was located. ...

mewilkee by Community Member
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Motion alerts on hub and hub max

Hello,I want a simple feature implemented with able to get alerts to pop up on motion alerts on nest hub and nest hub mask between certain hours of the day. When I sleep I want to know when a person appears in my backyard and force...

Where can I buy a replacement metal mounting plate

Whilst relocating my recently purchased Nest doorbell, I accidentally lost the metal mounting plate. I have contacted Google Nest Support with the hope I could purchase a new one. After 45 minutes on a chat, the best they could offer was to source it...

allanq by Community Member
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Removing previous owner

Okay I'm really upset now! I.purchased nest brand new years ago and now power went off can't restart the camer and again giving me the same message that there is a previpus owner I bought a new camera alltogether again I am.tbe sole.owner. I need to ...

Lajelo by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest Cam unable to Connect to assisting Nest device

Hi Folks,Our first Nest Cam setup went well using the Home App, the second camera goes through to a screen saying "Connecting to assisting Nest device" and fails to connect.They're both currently on my desk within 1m of the WiFi router. It's not an i...

daniel_e by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Nest camera portion lost wifi connection

I had installed and everything was working great then 20 hr later said list can not communicate with product however I still get notifications something was detected and lights do come on but camera will not connectwifi was and is good and strongall ...

Nest Camera with floodlight Bulb replacement

Hello, i have recently purchased the Google/Nest Cam with Floodlights the unit that's wired, my ? is what type of bulb is used and where can it be purchased, in the event one blows out or if i wanted to change to a color bulb.

KJRussell by Community Member
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Great Products - Poor Shopping Experience

Google creates some great products, but buying them from Google's On-Line Store could be your worse buying decision. The Google Store 15 day Price Protection / Return Policy is cumbersome and the most limited in the industry. Instead, buy your Google...

TommyWojo by Community Member
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