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New Nest Wired Cam Not Streaming on Nest App

I recently swapped out my old Nest indoor cameras with the new wired nest cameras and they work fine on the Google home app, but they don’t show up on the Nest App. I use the Nest app a lot for streaming my home on my phone. How do I add the new came...

Lenovo Smart Display Streaming issues

I recently purhcased the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery). The doorbell works great with most of my devices Samsung S20+, Google hub. Some of my google assistant displays however, do not stream properly. These are official lenovo google assistand displ...

Resolved! Nest Cam IQ Outdoor swap to location of Nest Cam Outdoor

I have a Nest Cam IQ Outdoor and a Nest Cam Outdoor installed and working great. I would like to swap the location of each camera with the location of the other, if that makes sense. So... I want the Nest Cam IQ to be where the Nest Cam Outdoor is an...

Saundr3 by Community Member
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Nest Cam Floodlight

I've installed the new nest cam Floodlight and got it working perfectly. However I can't figure out where to adjust the settings for the floodlight. Brightness, sensitivity, ect. Only the actual camera is showing up in my home app. Any help would be ...

Np17 by Community Member
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Nest Camera Video Playback Speed

How can I review Nest Cam video at a faster speed (e.g. 2x, 4x, 8x, etc.)?For example, if I want to determine when something occurred overnight, if it wasn’t part of a notification/alert, I would need to spend 8 hours watching the complete video at r...

Stupid Question about event history

I've never dealt with security cameras, smart home stuff, or any of that so pardon me if I am clueless and its a silly question lolI've tried to find the answer to this and I am finding it very confusing. We wanted to get indoor security cameras with...