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Cameras and Doorbells

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New features suggestion for nest doorbell battery

Nest doorbell. To save battery, turn off the doorbell while at home, but when someone presses the doorbell, the camera on the doorbell turns on for the duration of the doorbell press. Right now, if turned off and someone presses the bell, it does sen...

karisabas by Community Member
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Set up

I got nest cam and I've it set up on my phone and everything is ok. Can my partner set up the same cam to reserve footage on his phone also ?

Lisasquid by Community Member
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Nest Camera / Google Hubs

I have 2 Nest outside Cameras and. 2 Google hubs One is for the front door and the other is for the driveway both are on the same Wi-Fi and extremely close to the router they keep rebooting several times a day and when I say hey google Stream drivewa...

Nest (battery) Camera falling off mount?

Hello,Does anyone else have the problem of the Nest Camera (battery version) where it falls off the magnetic mount? I have my camera mounted on a flag pole and we just got a couple inches of snow and ice. The temperature is only around 30 degrees. I ...

Gary9110 by Community Member
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Nest cam battery, cant view while plugged in

Have a few outdoor cams (battery). Id like to run power to them to avoid having to take them down to charge. I've noticed however i am unable to view live while they are charging and same when they are fully charged.. but still plugged in. Connection...

Multiple doors for nest wired camera

I have a front, back and side door on my house with a 3 door chime. (NuTone Four Note Front Door, One Note Second and Third Door Rosewood Door Chime Model:LA305WL)Can I hook up 3 nest cameras to a single door chime.