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nest cam finish is cracking

I have 2 units, front and side door cams and I am experiencing the same issues as a lot of others... units are a couple of years old but they look pretty rough. I have recommended the nest cam to many others, hope this wont come back and bite me!... ...

Replacement mount

Where can I purchase a magnetic mount for a Nest outdoor camera? I can’t find them anywhere.

ccie2711 by Community Member
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Nest Cam Floodlight Justify $300

Having just bought and installed the new Nest Cam Floodlight, it is a little hard to justify this product when I can get 3 of these for the same price that are brighter (more lumens), free recording (no subscription), has scheduling, works with Googl...

BG by Silver Product Expert
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Resolved! (BUG) Enable to set Nest’s Scheme’s time…

So, I’m unable to my Scheme, because the app does not show my keyboard neither it shows me a scroll wheel to set it. These are one of the many bugs I really start to hate… Video uploaded to YouTube. It is a screenrecording of my app, whilst trying to...

2nd generation indoor wired camera

Just purchased the 2nd generation nest indoor cam and set it up in google home. Works great there. The issue is that it’s not showing up in the nest app. Our new nest doorbell and another older nest indoor camera show up in the nest app but for some ...

Doorbell chime on select devices

I have a lot of Google home speakers in my house. Does anyone know a way to turn off some of those speakers from playing the doorbell chime or announcements? I don't need the doorbell to ring in my children's rooms. However, I still want to be able t...

Robert-R by Community Member
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